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The Fishes Wishes

Keychains are $8.00, Suncatchers are $10.00.  Each purchase helps to support an ocean conservation project. Great gift idea! 

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Fishes Wishes Mission Statement

My name is Ryan and with my family and friends I have been helping the ocean for 7 years. My mission is to protect the ocean from pollution and overfishing and to inspire other youth to want to help the ocean too. That way together we can protect the creatures that call the ocean home and prevent species of marine life from becoming extinct.

Profits are Donated to Ocean Conservation

So far with the money I’ve raised I have donated to the Ocean Conservancy, The Stow It-Don't Throw It project and the USF Marine Biology Summer Camp. In addition, my organization along with family and friends have planted mangroves and sea oats and picked up hundreds of pounds of trash from local beaches. I plan on continuing to donate to various conservation organizations and to raise money for community projects that will positively impact the environment and reduce one-time-use plastic. 

Thank You

Thank you for your purchase. Without wonderful people like you I would not be able to help the ocean and I really appreciate your support!

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